About Me

I’m Orsi, a Pilates and Yoga Instructor.

I started my journey with body and mind methods to relieve my lower back pain and heal myself from injuries caused by dancing and intensive horse riding.

I completed my first certification as a Classical Pilates Instructor with the Corpus Pilates Studio Bruxelles at 2010.  (corpusstudios.com).Later on I have re-certified myself with Stott Pilates Method.  The re -certification started with   (brusselspilates.be), but thanks to the flexibility of Stott Pilates system I had the opportunity to meet with different master trainers and complete my Stott pilates teacher training in Los Angeles and In Budapest.I have completed Stott pilates matwork and reformer in Brusels with Marina  Buntovskikh.  I did the formations of Caddilec and  Stabilty chair in Budapest with Krisztian Melykuti ( (pilatesplus.hu) and with Bokor Zsuszanna. (https://pilates.hu/) and I complated my teacher traing ladder barrel, arc barrel and spine corrector  with John Garey pilates studio in Long beach, Los Angeles.(https://www.johngarey.com/) Each of my master trainer and formations was contributing to my approach and my knowledge about pilates. Some has more therapeutic approach, while some are more in the mindset of fitness and creativity. I m grateful for everyone for sharing with me their knowledge and rigor.  During the certification process I have had the opportunity to work in different pilates studios. The longest time I have spent in  with working with Bodywork pilates studio. (http://www.bodywork-pilates.be/). Parallel with the studio work and teaching mat work all around the city I really quickly set up my equipment at Aspria Avenue Louise. Here I m waiting my clients with Caddilec, Reformer, Chair and all the small equipment needed for the matwork :Rollers, swiss balls, Power circles, Elastics, stability balls, and small weights.  In Aspria Louise clients need to be member to be able to book me for private sessions. Now clients will be also welcome at my home-studio in Schumann,where I can help with Caddilec,Reformer and the above mentioned small materials. I m glad to work with different objectives. Some of my clients arrives to me with severe back pain, slip disks, herniation, problems with shoulders, knees and ancle. I m glad to help the process of healing, however in case my knowledge stops I m always referring the person toward physiotherapist. Others arrive to see me, because of weight loss  goals and with strengthening goals.  There is also a growing demand of pre- and post natal treatment. I m also glad helping these processes.  I work with all age groups including senior clients as well.I m  a certified as a personal trainer by Nasm (www.physicalcoachingacademy.com) and by ISSA (www.issa.com/) I m certified to teach the  method of abdo hypopressive,  by Madame de Gasquet. (http://www.degasquet.com/) The method is helping, when it comes to post natal rehabilitation. I had the chance to complete a part of the training, with the creator of the system Madame de Gasquet and the other part by Sandro Zatta.

Parallel with my studies of pilates I have also  met with the method of BodyART. BodyART gave me a lot and I have been actively teaching group classes through 5 years all around in Bruxelles. I was certified to BodyART basic, deepwork, strech, and dynamic. I earned all my certificates in Budapest, with Rita Lencses and with Balazs Borsodi (bodyartschool.hu/)  During the process of teaching bodyART I wanted to be closer to the roots of   this method and I started to practice yoga. I realized, that my practice finally completely shifted from BodyART to yoga and  due to this, at 2014 I completed a TTC  of 2OO hour  with Mukesh Kothari. Please check the registration of my certificate here.(https://www.yogaallianceprofessionals.org/belgium/bruxelles/yoga-teacher/orsolya-nagyistok) Currently I feel, that my yoga practice has moved to a next level and I m already registered to a next TTC in India, Goa  2020 where I will spend 4 week to complete my teacher training of 5OO hour.

In case you would like to see my yoga, or  Pilates practice, or you would like to get some tip for training see my youtube channel:


For all information contact me at +32485213795 or fitbalance.me@gmail.com