Principles & Practice of Energy in Hatha and Vinyasa Practice Mukesh Kothari

Mukesh Kothari is in Brussels for a weekend for giving a workshop in Hatha Yoga in Vinyasa the 20th July at 10:00am

The class of Hatha Yoga in Vinyasa (dynamic) format will take you into the journey of authentic yoga practice as done in the Himalayas, India with Indian Yoga teacher Mukesh Kothari, founder of BinduSar Yoga Rishikesh.

The class of 90’ will throw light on the practice on fundamentals of yoga concepts and will be of semi-dynamic in nature. We will explore the movement of Prana (Energy) and activation of chakras (Energy enters).

Understanding breathing movement and ratio of inhalation and exhalation are required to enhance the yoga practice. This will help further help you in the learning of pranayama.

The class includes the practice of asanas, pranayama, and essential aspects of yoga practice. The level is suitable for people regularly in the practice of yoga. The course emphasises Pranayama practice and meditation at the end.

The class contains:

1. Vinyasa made asana practice
2. Understanding the mechanism of breathing
3. Yogic breathing and its effect on the body that is required for the practice.
4. Adjustments of the posture and its impact on health

We also invite you to listen to a description about the 7 health signs of right yoga practice


The workshop price is 40EUR. Payment can be done by bank transfer to:

Orsolya Nagyistok

There is a maximum 8 people in the group to ensure quality teaching


The workshop will be held in Schuman area, close to the Cinquantenaire Park. You will receive the exact address of the venue after the reservation.

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